Sharing and Twitter

Live-tweeting and other forms of social sharing are becoming much more common and increasingly play a role in connecting people during and after scientific meetings. The IFHNOS / AHNS 2014 Meeting App allows you to share links to sessions, courses, individual talks, abstracts, speakers, exhibitors, and more via the Sharing icon:IFHNOS / AHNS 2014 App Sharing Iconfound on the detail screens.

ASC 14 Session Detail

Tapping the Sharing icon will bring up the Sharing options:

IFHNOS / AHNS 2014 App Sharing Options

which will allow you to post a link to the session or talk to Facebook or Twitter using your personal account if you are logged in via your device. Selecting the Email option will open the device email client and paste a link to a publicly accessible web-based version of the app. Please feel free to share as much of the meeting details as you like with your friends and colleagues.

Twitter and the #AHNS14 Hashtag

The IFHNOS / AHNS 2014 Meeting App features a Twitter feed that tracks and displays any tweet that uses the#AHNS hashtag. The feed is visible at the bottom of the NOW screen or from the More icon on the bottom menu:

More button reveals more menu items

Selecting Twitter will display the most recent #AHNS14 tweets and you can continue the conversation directly from the app! Make sure you have a Twitter account and then hit the Add Tweet icon: Add A Tweet to add your voice to the conversation. The IFHNOS / AHNS 2014 Meeting App will automatically add the #AHNS14 hashtag to your tweet so it will be visible in the App! 

We hope this tutorial helps you make the most of the IFHNOS / AHNS 2014 Meeting App. Please email Jason Levine if you have questions or come to the registration desks in New York and ask for me for live and personal help.

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