Creating a Personal Schedule

The IFHNOS / AHNS 2014 Meeting App allows every user to customize the meeting schedule to their exact needs.

When you first start the IFHNOS / AHNS 2014 Meeting App, you will be taken to the NOW screen. To create a Personal Schedule tap on the Schedule icon at the bottom of the screen to see the Program Grid and the types of courses available in time blocks:

ASC 14 Time Block

On the Time Grid, select the time block you want to view by tapping on it.  This will display all available items in the time blo

ck. Tap the desired item to get to its detail page:

ASC 14 Session Detail

And finally, tap the Calendar icon:SAGES 2013 App Add to Calendar Iconto add the item to your personal schedule.  The icon will switch to a yellow color:6OnCalenderIconand tapping it again will remove the item from your schedule.  The time block display will also change from the generic listing to your specific selection:

ASC 14 Time Block Added

You can now use the My Schedule button on the bottom menu bar to instantly display just the items you choose to attend.  Please note that you can schedule entire sessions or courses or just individual talks (except Proffered Papers).  To schedule an individual talk, simply go to the Detail screen and scroll down to see the list of talks in that session and then tap the talk.  Add the talk to your schedule using the same icon as above.

Adding an Ad Hoc Meeting

ASC 14 Schedule Detail

To add something to your personal schedule that does not appear on the list of official ASC events, simply tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) on the top right corner of the screen and choose Add Meeting to get to the add ad hoc meeting screen.  Fill out the form on that screen to add a new item to your personal calendar.

Exporting your Personal Schedule

To export your personal schedule as an iCal file (for importing into Outlook or Google Calendar), simply create your personal schedule and then tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines) on the top right corner of the screen and choose Email Schedule from the pop up.  The app will open a new email message, attach your current schedule as an iCal file, and also paste in instructions on how to import it into the commonly used calendar applications. Email the file to whomever needs it and the recipient should be able to import the file to their calendar software of choice.

We hope this tutorial helps you make the most of the IFHNOS / AHNS 2014 Meeting App.  Please email Jason Levine if you have questions or come to the registration desks in New York and ask for me for live and personal help.

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