Adding Favorites and Notes

The IFHNOS / AHNS 2014 Meeting App allows you to mark a number of items as a Favorite and also take Notes on items. You can add whole sessions/courses, individual talks, individual Faculty, Exhibitors/Sponsors and abstracts can all be so marked. Additionally, anything you can mark as a favorite, you can also take notes for it directly in the App and send full reports of your 2014 IFHNOS / AHNS meeting experience via email!

In order to mark an item as a favorite, you need to be on the detail screen for that item.

photo 3

When on the detail screen, simply tap the Star icon: IFHNOS / AHNS 2014 App Add to Favorites to mark the item as a Favorite. The icon will change to the yellow version: Star Added and the item is now marked as a Favorite.

To take notes, simply use the Note icon: App Add Note icon instead of/in addition to the Star icon. Tapping the Note icon will invoke the note-taking screen and on-screen keyboard for your device:


Simply start adding your notes and tap “Done” when complete. You may revisit the notes screen as often as you like to add or revise notes. If you have already added notes to some item, the note icon will be yellow on the detail screen.

When you are ready to email your notes and favorites, simply locate the More button on the bottom menu bar of the IFHNOS / AHNS 2014 App and tap it to expose more menu items.

More button reveals more menu items

Locate the Email Notes button on the screen and tap it to generate the report. When ready, tap the Send Email icon: Send Email to open your device’s email program and add all of your notes and favorites to the message. Then just send the email as you normally would.

We hope this tutorial helps you make the most of the 2014 IFHNOS / AHNS Meeting App. Please email Jason Levine if you have questions or come to the registration desks in New York and ask for me for live and personal help.

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